For all tea lovers/ Pentru toti iubitorii de ceai


Summer is here and you would probably say that I am crazy if I am thinking that someone is still drinking tea. Well I do. Because I am a tea lover and I think some of them could easily be enjoyed with lots of ice and fresh fruits in a hot day. This one in particular. It has a really nice taste of lemmon and a delicate macaron flavour. Yes, you heard right: MACARONS. Before I tried it I was so sceptical, because usually when I am too excited about a product, it turns to be really disappointing. And I had really high expectations from this one. Because I love tea, I love lemon tea but the most important I love Macarons 🙂
I was so surprised to actually feel the taste of a delicate lemon cake that really makes me think of a macaron.



Vara s-a cam instalat deja, cel putin prin Romania si probabil ati tinde sa spuneti ca sunt nebuna sa cred ca cineva inca mai bea ceai. Ei bine eu beau, pentru ca sunt un mare fan al ceaiului dar si pentru ca unele chiar pot fi svurate, pe o zi torida, cu multa gheata, fructe proaspete, si te pot racori chiar mai bine ca un suc rece. Si asta imi place in mod special pentru ca are un gust racoritor de lamaie si in acelasi timp de Macarons. Da, ati vazut bine, MACARONS 🙂 Am fost foarte sceptica cand l-am gustat pentru prima data, pentru ca de obicei cand am asteptari mari de la un ceai, ajung in final sa fiu dezamagita, pentru ca nu are aromele pe care mi le imaginam eu. Dar nu si de aceasta data. Am fost placut surprinsa sa simt aroma delicata a unei prajiturici cu lamaie care m-a dus instantaneu cu gandul la Macarons.

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